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God's Got This

Pastor Byron Ash Phone # 615-809-5585


Welcome, and thanks for visiting CowPunchers Cowboy Church online. On the next pages you can see the wide variety of worship, fellowship and ministry team opportunities available. Come see us, we would love to meet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and the western heritage. We are affiliated with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches (AFCC).

Our Mission

To reach the  lost in the western/cowboy culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide a church home where they can become more Christ like.

Our Approach

Unlike most traditional churches where the focus is inward on Christians, where the church provides safe haven from the outside world, where people with the same values and beliefs grow more like Christ, Cowboy Churches focus is outward and we actually do church for the lost and unchurched.



Sunday Morning:

Services are at 10 am.  Breakfast offered 30 minutes before service.

Wednesday Nights: 

Ladies Group @ 6:00 pm located at 2600 Highway 64, Wartrace, TN ​

Thursday Nights:

Couples Group @ 6:30 pm located at 1624 Highway 41-A North, Shelbyville, TN 

Our Goal


The goal of cowboy church is to do church in such a way that a lost cowboy can be comfortable enough to sit there long enough to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ while those around him are worshiping God. It is a non-judgmental approach that does not beat people down for what they have done or the way they are, but provides hope and forgiveness, accepting people just as they are, in their sin, just as Jesus did. This means that you may have to rub elbows with people who do not believe like you or have the same values as you. That is why this church will not suit everyone.

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